Design is like plantain

“Like sweet plantain on the side of a glorious plate of jollof…”

That’s how I would describe the relationship between intelligent design and an organisation’s approach to increasing business development.
With our case study now live, I’m pleased to share with you our insights, snaps of our process and some pretty pictures as part of our recent partnership with commercial property consultants, Tila Commercial.

For those wondering, “what does a digital revamp look like with 478 Studios?” Here’s a little sneak preview from our case study.

With digital very much at the forefront, spearheading our partnership with TILA was a digital audit which comprised of a detailed review of the TILA website that focused on user experience, content interactions and user journey flows.

Informed by our review, we were able to identify areas of improvement within the existing homepage and develop revised designs based on demographic data to ensure our concepts and proposed features will vastly enhance how clients and prospects of TILA would interact with their website and be better incentivised to make a genuine enquiry.

1. Content.
Have we incorporated ‘windows’ of content that positions the organisation accurately and entices a user to willingly explore more?

2. Dynamic elements.
Have we incorporated design-led features that respond to the natural movements of a user interacting with the platform?

3. Brand consistency.
For those implementing a staggered rebrand, have we considered how this new piece will complement the future vision and the wider puzzle to ensure there is a seamless transition between new and old?

For more insight, snaps of our process and deliverables and pretty pictures, check out the link below.
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Special thanks to Tila Commercial for letting us be part of their evolution.