Be Inclusive Hospitality

Delivering a campaign for the Inside Hospitality Report


Since launching in 2020, Be Inclusive Hospitality CIC has become a force within the hospitality sector. Founded by Lorraine Copes, BIH continue on their mission to build a sense of community, impact and legacy where conversations around representation, equity and inclusion become tangible, through their multidisciplinary offering, from delivering programmes, to community based projects and events; and of-course their flagship annual report.

The impact

"With the help of a content strategy and the development of a new visual identity, designed to complement existing PR efforts, our objective of capturing 1,000 respondents was met and exceeded as we saw over 3,000 hospitality professionals partake in the report survey…”


With a unique opportunity to use design and strategy as a vessel to shine a light on the disparities and untold experiences of over 3,000 professionals within the hospitality sector, our approach to delivering a sector shifting piece of work was steeped in; strategy, consumer insights and design. Informing the creative, being able to understand consumer habits, content preferences and gauging what will provoke an emotive sense of urgency and a desire to be part of an impact-driven report was pivotal.

Design approach

“Rich in insight, developing a system and aesthetic that was fluid and inspired readers and industry leaders to engage with the content spread across over 100 pages was imperative…”

Creating a cohesive design system

In collaboration with the BIH team, we worked closely in building a visual language that was distinctive, versatile and exclusively for ‘The Inside Hospitality report campaign.’ From short videos, through to developing a suite of social media assets suitable for multiple platforms and editorial, a new look for the Be Inclusive Hospitality flagship report was born. Inspired by a vision to empower their community and give opportunity to showcase and spotlight the treasured ambassadors and advocates supporting the move towards a far more equitable hospitality industry, our approach to designing a visual language was developed.

Visualising complex data

With a clear vision to design a report that is reflective of their pioneering position within the sector, one of the goals we worked tirelessly towards was the design development of visualisations and infographics to ensure this report became a piece of editorial that will set a new standard and will inform the future visual language of Be Inclusive Hospitality. Central to our design approach was coupling our appreciation for typography, with geometric shapes, form and enforcing a playful approach to scale to help us create a visual hierarchy when visualising both key data points and insights, along with compelling ‘must read’ content that derived from the report.

Making it interactive

No matter how much we love designing for print, digital cannot be overlooked. From user experience through to layout design, we had the pleasure of working with the BIH team to integrate a digital navigation system to ensure not a single chapter was missed.

Project Details


Report design and social media strategy


Data visualisation
Editorial & digital design system
Social media strategy
Report design

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