What we do

Using the power of design and storytelling to create memorable digital moments and brand experiences.

What we do

When it comes to identity creation and design, this is more than just creating a logo, or providing a curated suite of colours to insert into ones brand guidelines. 478’s identity and design expertise captures the need for brands to feel confident when their brand goes to market, helped by the creation of a visual language that touches on every aspect of their brand, from digital, social media, print and editorial, to internal comms. Creating a dynamic, fluid and authentic visual language for any ambitious brand is what gives a brand that extra edge, a unique voice and distinctive aesthetic that captivates and connects.

It’s undeniable but we are seeing more and more interactions, experiences and moments occurring through a digital space, from banking and investments, conferences and events to shopping and conversations. At present, everyone has some form of digital footprint and is at the same silent disco dancing to a different beat and it’s our objective to help our clients find their right track and tempo that complements their true identity and voice. How do we do this? By taking them through the 478 funnel which kicks off with exploration, followed by research and strategy, through to identification, design and of course creation and development. Whether it’s a website or an ecommerce platform, to developing a digital strategy and artwork for social media channels or app UI, the 478 team are devoted to creating and designing memorable digital experiences (that are on beat).

At the core of our design ethos is the belief that good design is intelligently beautiful with the capacity to change perceptions and provoke discussion. At 478, we work with founders, teams and organisations to help design and create graphical art that is founded in data to help bring insights, research and numbers to life. Whether it’s a culture and behavioural shifting report to a series of animations and illustrations showcasing thought provoking trends and figures, we’re strong believers of bringing a little play and colour to data and research.

Our approach to delivering strategies for clients always begins with: creating a limitless wishlist, understanding the vision, research and helping our clients reimagine their ‘big idea’ that could be the thread that weaves everything together. Whether it’s a brand strategy, comms strategy or an actionable go to market strategy our role is simple, we are your hands and ears designated to challenge, provoke, understand, craft, shape and deliver a tangible plan that will bring your brand to life. For us crafting a strong strategy is the extra sprinkle of paprika that allows a brand to truly connect and stick in the minds of one’s tribe.

Shaped by experiences, clothed by values and informed by conversations. Our copywriting offering is one that is crafted and influenced by the brand strategy and vision of our clients. Often helped by our ‘crafting your brand voice workshop’ we join our clients on their journey where ‘finding their authentic voice is our true objective. Complementing our approach is an understanding of how good copy has the ability to provoke an action, whether it’s ushering visitors to essential areas within your digital platform or touching on cultural nuances that speaks directly to your community.

What we do

“We help brands and founders find their unique voice and identity. Whether it’s crafting a messaging framework that becomes synonymous with your brand, to designing systems that breathes life into every touch-point. It's about creating a language that is truly ownable, nuanced and captivates the minds of those it's designed for."
Scott Ohene-Nyako

Our Four Pillars


The 478 way is underpinned by a desire to discover, dissect, gather insights and build compelling strategies for clients, founders and organisations. As an agency we believe every successful brand can be defined by their strategy and the world that’s built around it. For us, the journey begins here.


Once we have carved out our path, it’s time to play, experiment, ideate and design. Design for us is a process of exploration where creativity becomes a vessel to be used to transform a pain point into a gem that inspires the visual language or design system that becomes the fabric weaving every touchpoint together.


Arguably one of the most pivotal pillars that forms our process is our ability to create. This can often evolve into the development of a digital prototype for clients to interact and engage with, or the development of wireframes to scripts and storyboards where our goal is to spark conversation as we head towards considered refinement.


Your community are your tribe. They are your consumer who consistently buy into what you do, why you do it and how you do it. They are your advocates and sponsors who sell your product in rooms you’re not even privy too. With this understanding, it’s paramount we build brands, products and strategies that allow you to nurture and build moments of joy, connection and value across every touchpoint.

Moments & Work

Dive into our library of conversation pieces, latest news and exclusive snap-shots from past and recent projects curated by members of the 478 team.

“Ahead of our rebrand, we were after a design company who could really get our narrative, without having to explain much, and build a powerful brand around getting our message out. 478 Studios really delivered on this. Building an amazing brand toolkit and assets that will help us build this into the future.”
David McQueen.
Black Founders Hub
"Interactive nature, and regularly opening the floor for feedback / thoughts."
Start-up Founder
Hatch Enterprise Accelerator Programme
"The team consistently show a real drive and enthusiasm which makes them extremely effective.”
David Hart
Momentum Transport Consultancy
“Thank you 478 Studios for mentoring our young people on how to build a website and to tell stories. We really appreciate it. If anyone wants design and branding 478 Studios are kind, considerate, efficient and just gets the job done.”
Andre Spence
Global Purpose Enterprise
"I’m feeling very thoughtful after the session. We are going to rebrand our website soon. So this was very useful."
Start-up Founder
Hatch Enterprise Accelerator Programme

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