If we’re not creating brands, we’re most likely whining about the awful colour choice on last nights dinner menu, creating playlists on spotify or creating illustrations inspired by comical every day observations.

Cycling with


With London’s roads fast becoming the nearest thing to the Tour de France for the cycling enthusiasts, we celebrate the average commuter who enjoys their morning cycle and makes the most of the crisp London air.

Move down… please?

One of the most baffling observations we still laugh at are those moments where the gentleman too engrossed with BBC 4’s morning show fails to detect the burning eyes on him as he fails to move down the carriage.

My Docs are made

For Walking

That moment when you’re walking to your favourite cocktail bar and you soon realise, you’re the only one without their ankles or bold coloured socks on show; and to make it worse, you’re not even wearing Doc Martens.