Art & Gems

If we’re not creating brands, we’re most likely whining about the awful colour choice on last nights dinner menu or creating playlists on spotify. But, on the odd occasion we’re feeling extra generous, it is likely we are finding other avenues to express creativity and add value. Inspired by conversations had over the years with our peers and clients, we have curated this digital space to showcase art and gems.



Say hello to ‘Her’. An illustration that combines minimalism and form to create a scene that provokes thought and asks us to place ourselves in her position where she is mesmerised by her future and promise.

My Docs are made

For Walking

Everyone has that flamboyant uncle, auntie, friend or sibling who can somehow pull off wearing every colour in the rainbow in one single outfit. My Doc Martens is a nod to the care free.

Cycling with


Introducing Uncle Kofi, the fashionable commuter; and yes, he believes, ones socks should always pop. In everything, do it with a little bit of style.


Vision Calendar

Write your goals and vision on our quarterly reusable calendar, a perfect friend for your studio and office. Helped by the encapsulated finish, you can plan your year, your way, every year.

A workbook

Shape your Brand

After creating and shaping brands for a number of organisations across a variety of industries, it was only right we share our knowledge and give the next generation of founders and change makers access to a digital workbook that will help them start the process of developing their brand strategy.


Dream Journal

A special publication that offers the dreamers among us guidance on how to document and interpret your dreams and also scriptures to uplift you; no matter how you’re feeling!