Tila Commercial

“Our vision is to be a modern and sought after company. Experts in our field, led by a team who are passionate and dedicated, but we realise this must be reflected across our core platforms of business development, so it’s about time we revamp our homepage which currently fails to reflect this, or facilitate new opportunities.”

Jessica Kinnear


Spearheading this project was a digital audit, which comprised of a detailed review of the TILA website that focused on user experience, content interactions and user journey flows. Informed by our review, we were able to identify areas of improvement from the existing homepage and develop revised designs based on demographic data to ensure our wireframes and proposed features will vastly enhance how clients and prospects of TILA would interact with their website and be better incentivised to make a genuine enquiry. 

W H A T  W E  D I D

Digital Audit, Website Design & Development and Digital Strategy.
Designed to be dynamic

In partnership with TILA’s Head of Marketing, we developed a concept that was designed to amplify the exposure to TILA’s core service offering, whilst creating an interface where clients can access a variety of content, from admirable case studies to core commercial disciplines. With a desire to ensure design and functionality was at the centre of our digital redesign, we integrated a dynamic container where ‘windows’ to various touch points across the site could be accessed and promoted efficiently, with the help of a fully responsive carousel.

In an era where content and SEO can now make and break the online success of any business, it was intentional that we incorporated ‘snippets’ into our design thinking, as a means to enable content to be recorded on search engines such as Google. Furthermore, considering how dynamic features would enhance the user experience and help TILA users engage with the ‘whos’ and ‘whats’ of the business effortlessly.”

Scott Ohene-Nyako