Career Wellness

Creating a visual language for wellbeing start-up


Career Wellness, an early stage start-up birthed from the Humble Penny’s Architect programme is a community led platform placing wellbeing and personal development at the forefront of the conversation. With a need to build a visual identity and brand messaging, we had the opportunity of being their chosen design partner as they embarked on their journey to solve an ever growing problem among founders and professionals seeking harmony in their day to day.

It's a heart thing

"In an attempt to create an identity that is distinctive, evokes a sense of well-being and conveys the undeniable health benefits Career Wellness will inevitably have was at the core of this concept."

Informed by a revelation

For many, the phrase ‘work life balance’ has become a lofty ideal many long to strive for but together with Career Wellness, the revelation that seeking balance could actually be misleading, but instead we should be seeking harmony. More specifically pockets of time within our norm to break the mould and introduce a moment of difference, joy, movement and expression. For the Founder, the vision was to share an idea that we should seek success in all areas of our lives, not just one, hence balance isn’t quite right, instead, we should be seeking harmony.

It's a heart thing

We wanted to create a visual motif that is fluid, simultaneous, moving and appears to reflect the rhythm of ones heart, whilst reflecting the acronym of the brand name. Furthermore, we were inspired by the idea that wellness, is something we’re all seeking and is naturally part of us. Hence, creating a seamless linear line that is singular, was of great visual importance to suggest that everything our body and health requires is all one of the same and connected.

Take 10 minutes for you

“Inspired by a philosophy that we as individuals would be better off if we just took 10 minutes out to break repetitive cycles and prolonged moments of 'focus' to spark creativity and improve an inner and wholistic sense of harmony, we developed a design system to be effortlessly integrated across all digital touch-points, from social media to website.”

Informed by a revelation

With the help of our persona building and brand strategy, we developed a tone of voice framework designed to complement the art direction and visual language that extended to digital. From lifestyle photography through to curated imagery capturing the career wellness community in their 10 minutes of flow, a foundation and library of captivating imagery was collated as part of our brand reveal.

Project Details


Rebrand: Visual identity and brand development


Design & brand strategy
Identity design
Social media strategy
UI design

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