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Why brand and storytelling matters in your marketing

For so long the words ‘brand’ and ‘storytelling’ have been quite taboo, words many have felt have little substance and aren’t quantifiable, but with special thanks to Translate Culture and Meta, we learnt that this is a myth. Brand and storytelling truly does matter.

During a special evening filled with insight, aptly titled : The Power of Storytelling, we saw the undeniable numbers behind the power of brand and learnt how important it is to intentionally weave your story into the tapestry of your marketing, ad campaigns and content. For many, who play in the digital playground of conversion and sales, there can be a perceived gap between conversion and brand, but one thing we learnt is that the two can be team mates, as Elfried beautifully put it, it’s an ‘and’ conversation…

So here are our top 5 (+1) gems for founders from the evening:

👉🏾 In the world of digital marketing and ads, make sure to add brand to your marketing mix to see greater impact and acceleration. Evidence shows, sales & effectiveness can increase by 22%.

👉🏾 Leveraging brand and storytelling can help you increase your organic search by up to 84% when you combine reach and performance campaigns, in comparison to just performance alone.

👉🏾 Brand compounds over time.
Despite the short term spikes seen with sales focussed activities, brand-building begins to consistently surpass the peaks of sales activations. If you’re playing the longer game, you’ll see greater gains over time.

👉🏾 Create ‘sticky moments & connections.’
Be intentional when it comes to building meaningful and sustained relationships with customers. Don’t forget nor neglect your community. Be willing to lean into storytelling and personalising your communications, and let that drive how you continue to tweak and refine your strategy with your community to keep them engaged, inspired and connected.

👉🏾 The power of brand empowers your tribe and community to become walking billboards and advocates for you, your product or service.

👉🏾 (A bonus 💎)
Lastly, “God didn’t make no mistake when he created you”, so get comfortable telling your story because your uniqueness, quirks, and perfectly designed imperfections are worthy of being shared because what may be perceived as a ‘niche’ problem, can in fact be a global problem.

Special shout out to Mas for consistently creating spaces for our community to learn, share and build brands that will compete on a global scale.

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It is written that we are all made in his image… and yet, we continue to see our brothers and sisters falling victim to injustice day after day, year after year.


As part of our engagement with Black Founders Hub (BFH), we had the pleasure of helping them write their brand manifesto, but in true 478 fashion we did this through poetry.


We are super excited to share that we have been selected as a finalist for ‘Best small service business’ within the ‘At your service’ category at this year’s Small Awards.

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