Washdown Eco

Rebranding Washdown Eco, a planet first solution to cleaning products within the yachting and high performance vehicles industry.


With a vision to bring style, elegance and planet first solutions to the home of yachting and high performance vehicles, female founder Leah Tennant has been committed to producing an ethical alternative for the oceans, terrains and race tracks of the world. Inspired by her superyacht crew experience, Washdown has been on a mission to remove toxic cleaning solutions from our seas without compromising on performance. BUT with such beautiful designs and landscapes forming the backdrop of her products, it was time for a revamp.

Products to be seen, not hidden.

"I’d love our products to be so beautifully designed that they’re no longer just cleaning products you hide in the cupboards, but items you’re happy to showcase and talk about… they should complement the sleek interiors of the super yachts they’re often used in."

A new identity

With a series of summer events lined up, Washdown were ready to arrive in Monaco with a fresh new look and identity. Helped by a series of workshops discussing inspirations, presenting mood-boards and bespoke typography, we arrived at an identity that was framed and built upon hand-drawn curved angles and type to reflect nature and the oceans Washdown long to protect. As part of our approach to designing a new visual identity, time was dedicated towards lettering and composition development to offer a look and feel that was contemporary, versatile and scalable across various channels, from print, digital and apparel.

Reintroducing the Washdown range

As part of our commission, it was imperative that we developed a visual language that would allow Washdown to go to market with a new product range that felt considered, connected yet unapologetically bold. With the help of colour, shape and typography, we created a series of compositions and concepts to help Washdown visualise how their new look could come to life through the development of packaging design scamps for each of their planet first solutions.

Beauty & functionality

"Lovers of type, composition and iconography, we created bespoke typographic icons to act as visual aids to help visually communicate salient information and create hierarchy between, benefits, detail, brand and product specific content."

A system for the future

Like any good rebrand, there needs to be room for growth, autonomy and the opportunity to express your brand across other platforms and channels, such as social media, print and web. Inspired by our motif and the selection of shapes we created during the development of the brand identity, we discovered an opportunity to create a unique pattern and ‘Washdown’ window to represent and host visual and significant content the brand wishes to communicate and emphasise.

Project Details


Rebrand: Visual identity and packaging design


Identity design
Packaging design
Visual language

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