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The First Half in Review

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In this special edition, we talk about:

01. Masterclasses

👉🏾 Our branding masterclass series for diverse & conscious founders starting in September

02. Digital design partners

👉🏾 Our love for UI and digital design, following a run of collaborations with UK-based developers.

03. Washdown Eco

👉🏾 A recent rebrand that started from the desk to the docks and tracks of Monaco; and.

04. The Inside Hospitality Report

👉🏾 We also share a few visuals from our recent project with Be Inclusive Hospitality and the launch of, ‘The Inside Hospitality Report,’ where our love for #datavisualisation and #editorial was in full effect! BUT of-course, it couldn’t be a 478 newsletter without a spotlight on some great businesses we’re excited about and encourage you to follow, check them out below!

The 478 Spotlights

Wakuda | Ken Okoroafor – The Humble Penny | Angel Investing School | Global Purpose Enterprise | ecollective | Black Seed | Same But Different Consultancy | WASHDOWN

Have you read…?


After being invited by Colorintech to host a series of masterclasses for their cohort of tech founders on Personal Branding, we explore the 4 secrets to good personal branding build and how it can help founders build a portfolio of evidence that reduces their cost of acquisition.


Like many, we believe everyday should be a day where we acknowledge the spirit, gift and creativity of women, but as part International women's month our co-founder pens this letter.

Featured Project

Be Inclusive Hospitality

Transforming hospitality with data visualisation.

Talk to us about your project and big idea. We’d love to be your branding, design & digital partner.

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