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The First Half in Review

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In this special edition, we talk about:

01. Masterclasses

👉🏾 Our branding masterclass series for diverse & conscious founders starting in September

02. Digital design partners

👉🏾 Our love for UI and digital design, following a run of collaborations with UK-based developers.

03. Washdown Eco

👉🏾 A recent rebrand that started from the desk to the docks and tracks of Monaco; and.

04. The Inside Hospitality Report

👉🏾 We also share a few visuals from our recent project with Be Inclusive Hospitality and the launch of, ‘The Inside Hospitality Report,’ where our love for #datavisualisation and #editorial was in full effect! BUT of-course, it couldn’t be a 478 newsletter without a spotlight on some great businesses we’re excited about and encourage you to follow, check them out below!

The 478 Spotlights

Wakuda | Ken Okoroafor – The Humble Penny | Angel Investing School | Global Purpose Enterprise | ecollective | Black Seed | Same But Different Consultancy | WASHDOWN

Have you read…?


It is written that we are all made in his image… and yet, we continue to see our brothers and sisters falling victim to injustice day after day, year after year.


As part of our engagement with Black Founders Hub (BFH), we had the pleasure of helping them write their brand manifesto, but in true 478 fashion we did this through poetry.


We are super excited to share that we have been selected as a finalist for ‘Best small service business’ within the ‘At your service’ category at this year’s Small Awards.

Featured Project

Be Inclusive Hospitality

Transforming hospitality with data visualisation.

Talk to us about your project and big idea. We’d love to be your branding, design & digital partner.

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