Footsteps Trust

Changing the narrative for a charity serving the next generation of young adults.

The Story

Located in North London, within the Borough of Haringey sits a charity that seeks to offer solace, balance and alternative education for a generation of young individuals who have found themselves in environments that are unbalanced, fragmented and unsafe. Anchored by their purpose, Footsteps Trust has become a beacon where education, sport, extra curricular activities and empathy has seen the transformation of their students and young individuals.

Giles Hall

"We are at the forefront challenges facing young people in London. It is clear that the issues in London are well documented but our young people continue to receive negative press in the media."

Capturing conversations

The beauty of film and documenting conversations in a visual form is something we long for. With the help of our three person crew, we had the pleasure of art directing and capturing poignant stories from the Charity Chairman, to leading faculty members, the Founder and former students of the transformative programme.

Scott Ohene-Nyako

"It was imperative to us, that no matter how finished we wished the final visuals to appear, the shots had to have an air of authenticity, rawness and heart in every scene, shot and image we captured."

Designed to be future-proof

As we enter an age where businesses, organisations and especially charities have been confronted with the glaring need to have an active digital presence to attract funding and generate revenue – developing a sleek, manageable and content driven platform was of great importance. As part of our overhaul, we worked closely with the Board & Trustees to deliver a digital platform that would help elevate their position within the local community.

Project Details


Rebrand & Visual identity


Art Direction
Identity design
Digital design
User interface & experience design

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