Brand Narratives

Brand Narratives: We imagine. We define. We paint.

At 478 Studios one thing we understand is the significance of having the ability to write our own stories. Whether you’re an organisation or a solo entrepreneur with a vision, it’s imperative to the shaping of your brand and business that your story speaks to your purpose, captures your values and resonates with the community you wish to serve and the individuals who share your philosophy.

As part of our engagement with Black Founders Hub (BFH), we had the pleasure of helping them write their story. Clothed in what many call a brand strategy we did this by doing three things.

01. We imagined.
We imagined a world where black founders could be unapologetic, a world where founders, fellows, allies and funders could come together, spark moments of excellence and seek to make an impact.

02. We defined.
We defined why BFH exists and identified their true values that set them apart. For us, these are the brand pillars that are like the base line to your favourite track; the backbone and hidden details that weave every external element of one’s brand together.

03. We painted.
Using the power of tone, rhythm and words, we painted a picture of the BFH vision, one that captures their battle song, aka their manifesto and the aspirations of the founders they seek to serve.

So.. where does that leave us now?

With Black Founders Hub officially live and launched, it’s our pleasure to share with you, Brand Narratives, featuring BFH. A poetic and visual interpretation of the brand strategy crafted as part of the BFH rebrand.

Thanks & Credits.
Special thanks to David McQueenDenise Nurse & Rashida Abdulai for letting us be part of the BFH story.

Choreography & Dancer: by Shefroyan
Visuals by: Tra_Pictures
Spoken word by: 478 Studios

To watch the full video, check out the link below.