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Wovenby is where tradition and culture meets contemporary art for the home. With a story steeped in rich heritage our bespoke pieces bring that splash of colour and intricate design to every home.



They say you’re not allowed to admit you have a favourite but, we can’t help ourselves. The Chief’s circle achieves the perfect balance between simplicity and detail in a way that we couldn’t have imagined.



Representing tradition, this range marries
the traditional kente patterns with a classic walnut finish.



Wovenby was birthed from a desire to celebrate a cultural tradition that spans over 300 years in the Ashanti region of Ghana where the famous kente cloth was woven for the King. Since then, traditional kente has become synonymous with royalty and a culture rich in history.

With our fabrics handpicked from Ghana and our walnut and oak frames shaped and crafted by hand in London, Wovenby is where Africa meets West.

“The greatest gift you can give anyone is an education,
so if you’re in a position to bless someone with anything,
please make that your priority”

F. Andoh

Woven by

Many Hands

We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, and similarly it takes many hands to weave Ghana’s beloved kente. At the heart of our story is a desire to create a desirable product that not only speaks to the lovers of colour and appreciators of intricate design, but speaks to those who share a vision where communities can be advanced by the purchases we make.

With every purchase, we are one step closer
to blessing a gifted child with an education
at a prestigious university in Ghana.