Find your voice, identify your consumer and build the foundations of your brand strategy.

Topics & Learnings

At the heart of every brand we shape, build and design sits the brand purpose. At 478 we believe every organisation and team must be able to articulate and be wholeheartedly aligned with their brand purpose. The brand purpose in a nutshell is the answer to, ‘why do you exist? ‘What cause do you serve’ and what do you stand for? For many, it’s simply your why, coupled with a problem or opportunity you long to solve.

An opportunity for our founders to dig deep and paint a picture of the world their core desired consumer(s) live in. From the pains and challenges that keep them awake to the likely touch-points they will interact with before discovering and engaging with your brand or product.

In this segment we dedicate time to help our founders paint a picture of their brand world, an aspirational and unapologetic space where their brand / product resides effortlessly. Helping us create this world, we focus efforts towards, identifying brand values, shaping your brand personality and forming a distinctive and ownable tone of voice that will become synonymous with your product, brand and communications.

Designed to empower our founders to share their stories and find their unique voice. With the help of a new set of curated brand values, consumer insights and a brand purpose, we will explore how we can use these foundational insights to craft stories and themes that resonate with your audience and could become the pillars to build your a communications strategy and messaging framework from.

In this segment, we take a dive into your brand / product and offer the opportunity to explore how to effectively combine communications, with design & UX to create moments that better convert your consumer and improve that magic number of loyal consumers who are officially part of your community.

Impact through knowledge

“There’s a unique and unspoken power within branding, design and storytelling, when done well. We believe each have the capacity to transform and catapult brands and products into the hands of a desired community, so it’s our role to share this knowledge and empower founders to find their voice and place in the market.”
Scott Ohene-Nyako

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The Masterclass

The 478 Masterclass is a virtual expert session where our founder will deliver our trademark ‘Crafting your brand and finding your voice session’ This session is designed specifically for early stage and established founders who find themselves at the crossroads seeking clarity on; brand positioning, tone of voice, brand values and how to create unique moments of engagement with their desired target audience digitally and in person. With a balance of theory and activities curated to provoke, challenge and inspire actionable ideas, this session is a perfect solution for teams, individuals and founders looking to gain knowledge, insight and direction.
Pricing: £495.00
Format: Virtual
Expected time required: Our masterclasses are traditionally 60-90 minutes long.

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Corporate workshops

Designed exclusively for founders, teams and organisations on an exciting trajectory of growth, scale and a repositioning. Each one of our workshops are specifically curated for each founder or team to ensure our action plan and strategy which follows is succinct, aligned and speaks to both the pain points and the audacious goals set during the session. At the core of our workshops our objective is to equip every stakeholder with the right tools, knowledge and conviction to articulate their brand purpose, brand narrative and paint a picture of their brand culture they participate in.
Pricing: £1,895.00
Format: Virtual or In person
Expected time required: 4 hours + 30-45 minute break;
or 2 sessions (2 hours per session)

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The In House Strategist

Created for the solopreneur or set of co-founders, our mentoring is designed to serve founders seeking a focused and targeted strategy and play book that is actionable, digestible and resonates fully with their brand purpose, community and users. At the heart of our one to one session(s), we seek to help you: paint a picture of your brand world, identify and analyse consumer patterns and behaviours, craft your tone of voice and lastly help you deliver a go to market strategy that builds the bridge from brand to community engagement.
Virtual or in person
Expected time required: 1 hour each month for 6 months

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The 10x Community Programme

This is a unique programme born out of a desire to create a sense of accountability, community and peer support for 10 selected founders at a time. As part of our village of 10 exceptional founders, we invite you to grow, build and create a brand with impact with the help and support of your fellow villagers. At 478 we believe greater progress can be made when you can see yourself in another founder, both embarking on a similar journey.
Format: Virtual
Expected time required: Upto 15 hours
5 sessions over 5 weeks (3 hours per session)


Moments & Work

Dive into our library of conversation pieces, latest news and exclusive snap-shots from past and recent projects curated by members of the 478 team.

“Ahead of our rebrand, we were after a design company who could really get our narrative, without having to explain much, and build a powerful brand around getting our message out. 478 Studios really delivered on this. Building an amazing brand toolkit and assets that will help us build this into the future.”
David McQueen.
Black Founders Hub
"Interactive nature, and regularly opening the floor for feedback / thoughts."
Start-up Founder
Hatch Enterprise Accelerator Programme
"The team consistently show a real drive and enthusiasm which makes them extremely effective.”
David Hart
Momentum Transport Consultancy
“Thank you 478 Studios for mentoring our young people on how to build a website and to tell stories. We really appreciate it. If anyone wants design and branding 478 Studios are kind, considerate, efficient and just gets the job done.”
Andre Spence
Global Purpose Enterprise
"I’m feeling very thoughtful after the session. We are going to rebrand our website soon. So this was very useful."
Start-up Founder
Hatch Enterprise Accelerator Programme

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