478 Workshops

Led by our designers and brand strategists, we work with teams, businesses and the next generation of founders, and start-ups to help craft and implement their brand strategy, whilst informing businesses on the role good design plays in any organisation.

At the core of it all, it’s just about creating an environment
where conversations can be had and ideas shared.
Writing your narrative

Designed for businesses, big and small, young and greying like a wise silver fox, our workshops are created to help you re-shape your narrative and tell your story in the voice that best reflects your vision, your brand and your purpose.

Sometimes we just need to hear that our idea has the power to truly make an impact, but could do with a little paprika to give it that edge.
Unpicking your brand

Comprising of a number of exercises designed to help you facilitate insightful conversations and spark debate, the 478 workshop will give you a greater understanding of how your brand looks, walks and talks. For us, it is all about story telling and helping you to craft messaging that not only will appeal to the needs and desires of your clients and peers, but truly reflects the values you stand for.

Designed for the next generation
of conscious business owners.
& One to Ones

As a small business with a great vision we understand the importance of sharing your ideas with peers and experts who can add value to help you on your journey. As a result, our team of strategists and designers continue to reserve time to offer advice and branding expertise to the next generation of business owners, visionaries and game changers.