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Why humanising technology is the secret for tech founders

Let’s talk about the heartbeat behind the tech world – the people! At 478 Studios, we’re on a mission to humanise technology by amplifying the voices of underrepresented founders. Join us on this journey as we dive into why putting people at the forefront of tech is not just a trend, but a necessity.

In our recent podcast episode, with the founder of Talking Drum Communications, we got some insightful nuggets about the importance of human connection in the tech sphere. As Bemi Idowu beautifully puts it, “we craft stories that speak to the heart of the human on the other side of the phone or technology they’re using.” (Source: Podcast Transcript, 478 Studios | Untapped).

At 478 Studios, we understand that technology isn’t just about bits and bytes; it’s about the impact it has on people’s lives. That’s why our workshops aren’t just about pixels and design principles; they’re about helping diverse founders craft authentic brand voices that shape the future of technology. 💻

As our founder, Scott Ohene-Nyako puts it, “despite the rise of AI, humans remain irreplaceable in the realm of technology. It’s our role as strategists to empower Founders to use their God given voice and to embrace the role of storytelling to craft narratives that resonate emotionally; transcending the digital barrier to touch the soul of the consumer.”

According to Meta, leveraging brand and storytelling can help you increase your organic search by up to 84% when you combine reach and performance campaigns, in comparison to just performance alone.

So, fellow tech founders, let’s make a pledge to humanise technology. Let’s celebrate the stories behind the startups, the dreams behind the code, and the human-centric purpose that reimagines what was impossible into a possibility. As much as we seek to embrace tech, our need for community will never die.

So here’s to a tech ecosystem that’s not just innovative, but inclusive, empathetic and built on building real connections.

Who’s with us?

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