Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

Creating a new look and feel for one of London’s favourite street food restaurants. You know it’s ‘Ghana’ be tasty!

W H A T  W E  D I D

Menu & Editorial design.

From Hackney to the world, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is one of London’s favourite restaurants celebrating west African cuisine, more specifically Ghanaian cuisine. Zoe’s Ghana kitchen is fuelled by a desire and belief that good food has the power to take people on a tasteful journey where individuals, families and friends can share a moment and be exposed to an amazing new culture and sensory experience.

Images belong to Zoes Ghana Kitchen

“I want to see a world as well acquainted with Jollof as they are with tacos and a high street as diverse in its African cuisines as it is with it with Pan and South Asian food.”

With a new residency in East London, it was time to add a little bit of that Ghanaian flavour, flare and style into their new menus. Already renown for her contemporary take on traditional Ghanaian dishes, it was essential that this creativity was echoed in the new series of menus. Together with Zoe and her team, we worked closely to develop a new look and feel that would effortlessly encapsulate the experience one gets when they step into ZGK.

“This was one of those projects where the opportunity to be playful with typography and form was a must. Rules around symmetry, balance and grids were pushed to the side.”
Playfulness and Design

Combining tone of voice with typography and colour our new menus were the perfect side to the many flavoursome dishes served at Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. At the core of our design objective was to use visual cues to evoke excitement and reflect the unique and infectious aura and energy one gets when they step foot into the restaurant.