Strand Sahara

“As we look to invest in technology to better serve our clients, it’s equally important we invest time into developing a framework which enables our brand to evolve in the right direction…”

W H A T  W E  D I D

Brand Audit, Visual Language & Content Strategy.
Less is more

Strand Sahara is a brand that holds great equity and esteem in the minds of many, especially across the growing landscape of entrepreneurs that are leading Africa focussed businesses. As an award winning legal practise with such a distinctive and identifiable brand, it was essential we delivered an audit that would provide room for their visual language and tone of voice to grow and complement their existing vision.

Strand Sahara is a brand that is built on values that seek to ‘champion the African dream’ facilitated by innovative and convenient means; but most importantly it’s reputation and appeal is sparked from the approachability one feels when they arrive at every touch point of the brand.”

Combining research with insights following a 478 brand workshop we identified three areas of interest being, visual identity, typography and social media. With each of these playing a significant role in how the business communicates with their audience across digital, social and internally, it was essential that our recommendations would offer cohesion, rather than disruption.

Three principles

At the heart of our deliverables the recommendations and refined visual outputs were founded on three principles, personality, culture and education. With the help of  typography and design we were able to enhance their social media strategy by better considering how imagery, type and composition must play together to ensure their visual identity is never diluted but becomes memorable and increasingly more distinctive.

Arguably the most valuable piece of content which should spark conversation, evoke our community to like and share is content that is informative yet relatable and is infused with that Strand Sahara charm and personality.”

Scott Ohene-Nyako

Content Strategy

With every audit we deliver we seek to provide tangible take aways and for Strand Sahara, this was no different. Informed by our workshop we landed on four key pillars which would become the foundation of their content strategy going forward. These pillars were, ‘Educate & inform,’ ‘Celebrate the wins’ ‘Wisely African’ and ‘It’s all you.’ With each of these pillars holding a distinctive tone of voice we developed concepts for campaigns that would reflect each of these streams and would resonate with Strand Sahara’s growing following and client base.