Poveria Consulting

“Simplicity for me is key. I want a brand that speaks to my international clients, whilst reflecting my experience and capabilities without the superfluous details.”

W H A T  W E  D I D

Brand Strategy. Copywriting. Identity Design.
User Experience. Website Design
About the project

Working closely with the founder of Poveria, an international entrepreneur and professional dedicated to the development of Africa, we had the privilege of creating an unassuming brand presence that was reflective of his approach to business. Tasked with creating a brand identity and a portfolio website for their consultancy, we started the process by unpacking the hows and whys behind Poveria the Africa focussed consultancy.

“I truly believe evidence drives decisions, so it’s imperative the content and copy we create is reflective of our ethos…”
A digital experience

We developed a catalogue of carefully written content that reflected the service offering, approach and ethos of the Poveria business. Once the narrative was crafted we worked closely with Poveria to develop a visual language and a series of bespoke motifs to complement their communications strategy.

“It’s more than just words, it’s your personality, what you represent and attracting those who share in the same beliefs and vision.”

Scott Ohene-Nyako

Behind the brand

At the heart of their purpose, Poveria is an Africa-focused consultancy that combines strategy and analysis to help inform and reshape the decisions their clients make who share a vision to contribute towards the development of Africa through progressive investments.