Black Founders Hub

With an ambition to become a conduit for accomplished black entrepreneurs, BFH is a representation of what ‘it takes a village’ truly means. A digital home where knowledge, ideas and progress is amplified.”

W H A T  W E  D I D

Brand & digital strategy, Identity design, Visual language, User experience, Ecommerce, Website design & Development.
Our Approach

The 478 way is underpinned by the following three key focus areas. Understand and discuss, followed by painting the picture, and finally, playing, developing and implementing. At the core of this project was being able to truly understand and immerse ourselves in the vision the Founders had for their new brand and identity. Informed by our strategy workshop we spent time developing their narrative which would become the pillars that informed the visual language we fell in love with.

Together we move like the waves on a shore, leaving an impression each time we arrive.”

Together we move like waves on a shore…” These words are taken from our spoken word piece we developed as part of our narrative for BFH and became the essence of what would inspire our visual language. With a desire to create an identity that was truly ownable, it was paramount that the language spoke to a culture and a way of life that would appeal to future cohorts, and even the next generation of accomplished black founders. Shaped by organic, fluid and natural visual cues our identity was formed.

“Ahead of our rebrand, we were after a design company who could really get our narrative, without having to explain much, and build a powerful brand around getting our message out. 478 Studios really delivered on this. Building an amazing brand toolkit and assets that will help us build this into the future.”

David McQueen

Designed with scalability and function in mind.

At the heart of our engagement with BFH was the design, development and implementation of their digital platform. Helped by our digital strategy that considered user behaviour and psychology with a touch of hierarchical understanding, we were able to deliver a responsive and highly optimised platform. The website now combines compelling content with a dedicated members only portal, alongside the integration of ecommerce to monetise masterclasses and curated resources.