Akojo Market

“We want to create something that not only reflects our love for the continent of Africa, but also creates a platform where artisans, designers and the communities behind some of the most beautiful pieces we see are celebrated and showcased to the masses…”

W H A T  W E  D I D

Brand Strategy. Identity Design. User Experience. Website Design. Social Media
About the project

Everything we do begins with understanding the story and working in partnership with our clients to help them articulate their vision creatively across a range of platforms and this was no different. Inspired by a name that spoke to their purpose, AKOJO, Yoruba for community, we embarked on an eight month strategic and design led process. The journey encompassed everything from developing a brand narrative and tone of voice for the brand which was designed to paint a picture of their unique customer and future fan base, before delving into the creative.

“I wanted to create a user experience where fellow lovers of african inspired products, from fashion to lifestyle and jewellery can become immersed in the seemingly endless treasure chest of carefully curated pieces.”
A digital experience

Informed by the narrative and brand persona we created, it was playtime. Starting from the identity to the custom design and build of their fully responsive and e-commerce website, we worked closely with the AKOJO founders to develop an online platform that will not only reflect the ethos of the brand but will act as a shop window into the various communities across Africa that akojo wish to showcase and support.

“We’re reaching a point now in society where individuals are becoming more considerate about their choices when it comes to shopping.”
Behind the brand

Akojo is an online market place selling some of the finest items by emerging designers from the continent that share a desire to give shoppers an opportunity to shop ethically. With recent consumer trends showing that the average shopper of today’s generation are increasingly intrigued by knowing how their products and clothes are being made, and whether their purchase will go beyond the till, but contribute to the development of local and distant communities; Akojo are leading the way on their endeavour to proactively work with conscious artisans.