Website Audit

Want your website to do more? Book your website audit with 478.
Built upon three pillars our audit offers a full review, plus recommendations on how to weave a little extra tone of voice and unique flavour within your content. It’s imperative your verbal language is just as considered as your visual language. Next up is our user journey strategy. Arguably the most important pillar, understanding the needs and behaviours of your customer & tribe will inform how we narrate your story and create compelling content, alongside how we design your website to create a memorable brand experience. Moving onto our final pillar, design and aesthetics; our audit will review every element of your visual language presented on your website, from typography and imagery, through to the presentation of content and the consistency of your visual hierarchy across your website.

The 478 Website Audit Cost. £975.00
Book & Proceed with a deposit. £290.00
Est. time from you: 3 – 5 hours over a maximum of 2 sessions over 2 weeks.
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If you’d like to book a website audit with 478 Studios for you and your team, we invite you to simply add this to your basket and complete the purchase of the deposit and a member of our team will be in touch.