Neuro Voices

A rebrand that celebrates community and neurodiversity


At 478, we believe in the power of inclusive branding and design. We had the privilege of collaborating with Neuro Voices (formerly Dlexia), a groundbreaking startup in the neurodivergent space. Through a thoughtful process rooted in empathy and creativity, we helped them carve out a distinctive visual identity and design system that authentically represented their mission and would give the team the tools to build and scale backed by a brand identity that was as bold as their mission.


Neuro Voices approached us with a clear vision – to create a brand that celebrates neurodiversity and empowers individuals who see the world and the systems of society differently. Our first step was to immerse ourselves in their story, understanding their values, aspirations, and unique perspective. Drawing inspiration from their commitment to inclusivity, we crafted a brand identity that radiated community, personality and connection. From the name to the brand voice, every element reflected their dedication to creating a more inclusive world.​

The strategy workshop

True to the 478 way, we hosted a strategy workshop to ensure we build and create on solid ground rather than sand. During our workshop we spent time diving into three key focus areas. The first being, the new narrative for the brand, which informed the tone of voice and specific messaging designed to speak to their demographic split of both B2B corporates and of course the neurodivergent community.

Messaging framework

"We landed on a messaging framework titled ‘we see you', and 'we hear you'. A sentiment designed to position Neurovoices as the progressive startup that is dedicated to creating innovative tools, software, and specialist programmes for neurodivergent individuals to thrive, excel and remain connected"

Behind the visual identity

Together, we also explored how the vision to become a global community that celebrates and truly ‘sees’ the nuances within a complex neurodivergent community could inspire both the visual identity and design system connected to a growing startup across various touchpoints.

The science behind the concept

Inspired by the biological elements known as synapses that pass signals and information around the brain, we wanted to create a relatable symbol that allows the stakeholders to tell a story. It was also important we captured the narrative and themes around community, connection and individuals coming together.

Design and visual language

With a solid identity in place, we embarked on the design journey, infusing every aspect with the spirit of neurodiversity. Collaborating closely with the team, we explored visual motifs and colour palettes that captured the essence of their brand. Bold, vibrant hues and playful patterns emerged as key elements, symbolising the diversity and creativity inherent in neurodivergent minds. The result? A progressive and contemporary design language that resonates with the audience and communicates their message with clarity and impact.

Creating brands for underrepresented voices

Our collaboration with Neuro Voices is more than just a branding project – it's a celebration of neurodiversity and a testament to the power of inclusive design. By embracing empathy, creativity, and collaboration, we were able to bring their vision to life in a way that honours their mission and resonates with their audience.

Project Details


Rebrand: Visual identity and brand development


Design & brand strategy
Identity design
UI design
Brand guidelines

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