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Mama, Dada, we got this: BTF2023

Unlike many other Black History Months, this year has been different, this year we have a 9 month old going on 19 who seems to melt every heart in the room…

So what else do you do when you have a baby on-board… our answer, spark their curiosity with rooms filled with colour, beautiful faces, wisdom and great music!

As we continue to applaud our sisters, attend events and have conversations with exceptional black founders and founders in the making, last week was another example of what allyship, collaboration and the power of ‘being in the room’ looks like. Last week we had the privilege of attending the 2023 Black Tech Fest last Thursday and what an experience it was.

From the moment we joined our first conversation, ‘How to build a future-proof organisation’ led by Folley Ogundele, Ranil Boteju and Maktuno Suit, we felt at ease as we placed our headsets on. It truly was an immersive experience that catered to every visible and invisible need through tech.

Some of our takeaways from BTF2023 were:

Data analysis will not be reserved to a select few. In the same way that we all do our own typing now (rather than relying on a pool of typists) data analysis will be something that everyone does for themselves.

We shatter glass ceilings with grace and power.

Baby is never too young for work experience in spite of what others may say

When you’re looking to pitch, have data on your success, value and impact.

For those wondering ‘am I ready to raise funding?’ reflect on your team, vision & revenue position. Ask yourself, does your team have the expertise suitable for exponential growth? Reflect on your vision and be ready to articulate how this will scale and of-course, are you already in a position of advantage where you’re generating revenue

Be bold and have the audacity to be willing to keep it moving… it may not come at meeting 2, 3 or 63, but if you know you’ve got something, it’ll come.

Huge shout out to the organisers, speakers and the many sponsors of the event and of-course the friendly faces we had the joy of speaking with and the fellow mums and dads rocking the baby sling.

Baby is ready for the next one!

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