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Founding a Design Agency, Faith and Family

“We want to partner with diverse founders with global ideas who want to change the world one day…”

From the story behind our name to the wild journey our Founder has been on; and what crazy faith looks like, our founder shares it all…

The mission is clear, “we exist to create global brands led by diverse and conscious founders and we do so by using the power of good branding, good design and the art of storytelling.”

A massive thanks to @adriandaniels, for inviting our Founder Scott Ohene-Nyako onto @thesoundofaccra podcast to share the story behind what inspired such a unique name, along with the trials, challenges and the crazy faith and wild prayers that encouraged Scott to take the wild leap.

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After being invited by Colorintech to host a series of masterclasses for their cohort of tech founders on Personal Branding, we explore the 4 secrets to good personal branding build and how it can help founders build a portfolio of evidence that reduces their cost of acquisition.


Like many, we believe everyday should be a day where we acknowledge the spirit, gift and creativity of women, but as part International women's month our co-founder pens this letter.

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Be Inclusive Hospitality

Transforming hospitality with data visualisation.

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