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Dear Future Female Creatives

We see you, toiling into the night with your ideas and creations. You’re entering a space often dominated by voices not like yours, but remember, your creativity is your power.

It’s a language that transcends boundaries, reshapes industries, and inspires change. Embrace your unique voice, knowing that your creativity, rooted in the limitless love of your Designer, can illuminate even the darkest corners

In moments when you might feel overshadowed, recall the value you bring. Your expertise and resilience are unmatched. Creativity is not limited to art; it’s evident in every aspect of life. It’s the inventive spirit of a mother, the strategic mind of a lawyer, or the innovative approach of an accountant. These are manifestations of the creative genius that resides in all of us, a genius that studies like in the book “Breakpoint and Beyond” show is innate in children but often fades as we learn to accept others’ opinions, evaluations and beliefs.

As you embark on this journey, remember, your battles are not against people but against cultural norms and unseen influences. As creative warriors, you’re not just painting canvases; you’re painting a new world. The industry awaits your vision, and we at 478 Studios are here to support and celebrate it. You are crafting not just art, but a legacy.

We celebrate the female voices reshaping our creative world, and yours is crucial to this chorus.

Yours in creativity and change,

Juliana Ohene-Nyako

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